General information

The China-Belarus industrial park is a territorial entity with the area of 91,5 sq. km with a special legal status conducive to doing business. The Park is located 25 km from Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus, in a unique natural complex and in close proximity to the international airport, railway lines, and the Berlin-Moscow transnational highway. In the Park territory construction is planned for production and living areas, offices and shopping malls, financial services, and research centers. All an all, Great Stone will be a modern international eco-city with an emphasis on high-tech and competitive innovation productions with high export potential. The project is being developed within the framework of the China-Belarus intergovernmental cooperation according to intergovernmental agreements. Any company regardless of country of capital origin can act as a resident of the industrial park. Realizing intense competition for an investor in the world market, the state has created a favorable investment climate for industrial park residents, as guaranteed by the national law, special international agreements and obligations and has provided unprecedented benefits and preferences and formed a separate and independent state administration body which carries out “one station” administrative end-to-end investor servicing. In addition, the industrial park will offer ready engineering and transport infrastructure provided by the management company, ample opportunities of 170 millionth duty free market of the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan, as well as of neighboring European countries, good geographical location, optimizing time and transportation costs, disciplined and qualified staff of Belarusian labor market.