Great Stone is bringing the best business opportunities for European companies

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The promotional campaign of the Great Stone Industrial Park in Europe has continued in Germany. The new opportunities for doing business in the Park were presented by CJSC “Industrial Park Development Company” on 12 September in Bonn, Germany. The event took place at the platform of the Chamber of Commerce of this city in Germany with the participation of representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Germany, the National Agency for Investment and Privatization, as well as the CCI of Bonn.
Representatives of the Great Stone shared with the participants the benefits of doing business in the Industrial Park compared to Germany or other similar sites in the region. Particular emphasis was laid on free access to the Eurasian market, established engineering and transport infrastructure in the park, preferences that allow to increase the competitiveness of the final product due to benefits, savings on wages and payroll deductions by 2-5 times, reduced energy tariffs by 3-3,7 times, comprehensive services etc.
The theme of creation of the automobile cluster was undoubtedly most extensively discussed, being of particular interest to the German companies. Projects for the production of supercapacitors, diesel engines, gearboxes, auto glass, composite auto components, ground navigation devices, LIDARs and other goods are already being implemented at Great Stone. Such products are in demand by manufacturers of both traditional types of machinery and equipment, as well as new electric machines and unmanned vehicles.
This year similar meetings took place in Hamburg, Hanover, Frankfurt, Rome, London, Geneva, Zurich, Barcelona, Luxembourg, Krynica-Zdroj.
As a result, there has been increased awareness of the Park's capabilities in Europe. The number of European residents is climbing sharply. In July 2019 alone, 4 out of 11 new residents came from Switzerland, Israel, Estonia and Lithuania. The total number of European companies has increased to 11 out of 7 countries.
Until the end of the year, the Great Stone will present its opportunities in Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Zurich, Vienna, Brussels, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Prague, Brno and other European cities.