Great Stone was recognized as the fastest growing industrial park

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The Great Stone Industrial Park has been dubbed the fastest developing special economic zone in the world by the World Free and Special Economic Zones Federation (FEMOZA).

The Great Stone won the FEMOZA award for “The Fastest Growing Industrial Park”. The solemn awarding ceremony took place on 14 November in Monaco during the World Free & Special Economic Zones Summit.

The main goals of the FEMOZA are to support and promote free economic zones around the world, to assist residents in entering projects on the international market and attracting foreign investment. The Femoza Awards are annually presented to the best industrial parks and free economic zones.

“The prospects of the Great Stone for global investment and the rapid pace of its development have become key factors in determining the winner”, said Federation President Juan Torrents.

The main topic of the Summit of Free and Special Economic Zones in 2019 is to strengthen cooperation and transform successful experience into working tools. The Summit is organized by FEMOZA, in cooperation with UNCTAD, UNIDO etc.

The Great Stone was the strategic project of the Summit. Its capabilities were presented at thematic panel discussions, B2B meetings, as well as during the exhibition.

The Park took an active part in the numerous sessions and seminars held as part of the three-day Summit program, where leading authorities and economical representatives shared their successful experience as free zone developers or investors. The topics lined up for Summit are aimed to evolve into solutions to the key current issues of development. The industry development topics selected highlighted a range of economic sectors, covered by recognized keynote speakers, as global logistics and distribution, including the One Road One Belt Initiative. The future continues to be driven by technology and smart cities. Zone management today must integrate green working environments and flexible labor standards that can accommodate technology transfer.

The large-scale event was attended by more than 400 representatives of the FEZs of Great Britain, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, as well as Asian and African countries, chambers of commerce, state authorities, and potential foreign investors, experts.

The Summit participants praised the speed of the development of the Great Stone and the special conditions for the implementation of investment projects.