Breathing masks production started in Great Stone

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  • Breathing masks production started in Great Stone

Due to current coronavirus situation, the resident of the Great stone industrial park, which is the medical tools producer "Assomedica", implemented the production of new products. These are single-use breathing masks and bacterial-viral filters. These tools protect breathing from viruses and germs. Its effectiveness is 99.999%. Masks and filters can be used within 12 to 24 hours. 

The inhaling air infiltration through the electrostatic membrane decreases the risk of viral respiratory infections. The mask is produced of non-toxic polyvinyl chloride. The soft contoured cuff ensures tightness of the mask, that provides comfort for users.

To get more information please contact to Assomedica specialists by short number 7616, or by phone call +375(17)(017) 307 76 16, or visit